We are Bello.
Our mission is to make cycling safer for everyone.

Are you a cyclist, or would like to be? Report road issues and Bello can keep you and other riders safe!

Join the beta version and help us start a movement.


Be an early bird

How does Bello work?

Report issues you see and Bello will use this helpful info to keep you and other riders safe. How? Our magic algorithms will provide you with a route to avoid issues like this. So, you can cycle from A to B by the safest possible route. Neat huh? Join as an early bird and help us collect data to start the movement #safetyinnumbers

Bell an issue

When stationary use Bello to "bell" a problem you had, from poor road quality to disappearing bike lanes.

Warn a rider

After you bell an issue we'll make it visible to fellow riders to avoid or validate!

Make Safer

Every bell reported, means more and more routes that Bello can make safer for riders. So get belling!

Cool features?
Hell yes, a saddle full 😉

Who said being safe can’t be fun?
Bello was designed packed full of cool features and kick-ass interactions.
Check out what you can do with the app:

Introducing Bello Bird.

Funfact: we just call 'em BB around the office ;). BB is here to support you on Bello. Ask BB whatever you like, they're your eyes in the sky.

Super Easy to Use

Once you ring the bell, you're only 2 clicks from reporting an issue. Simples!

You don't even need to open the app!

Use our custom built widgets! Swipe left on your home screen to view your widgets. Select "edit" at the bottom of the screen and add Bello. Done! Now you can report issues outside of the app. Nice!

How lizzard are you?

Start as a greenhorn, the more bells you report the more advanced you become. What will you be next, a lion? A tiger? A groovy alien (you thought I was gonna say bear right!)

Be our beta tester and join the movement


Be a beta tester